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    The supply side of the people around reform: why crazy shopping abroad

    China is the world's largest international tourism consumer. Over the years, americans buy from abroad specialty, designer clothes, shoes bag, gradually developed into buying closestool, rice, toothpaste and other consumer goods. In the reform of the "supply side" become the high frequency words, we can from the Chinese people "overseas online shopping" or search for a new clue.
    The ministry of commerce, according to data from China's outbound travel and purchasing power has been first in the world for three years. In 2015 Chinese tourists in consumption abroad of about 1.2 trillion yuan, to maintain the world major tourist consumption group. Walking past Chinese tourists are called "purse", and with the convenience, the electricity act as purchasing agency fire, not "walk" can do "wallet".
    "The terminal", according to data from the overseas shopping mainstream focused on 25 to 45 years old, aged 25 to 30 users prefer shoes clothing beauty makeup, aged 30 to 35 user preferred bags digital, 35 to 45 years old users in addition to light luxury jewelry, also pay attention to nutrition health class of goods.
    The crowd, it seems, for goods already from previous years "only buy luxury goods" into "pay more attention to the daily necessities". Overseas online shopping has transformed from a glimpse of a small window into a gate of the supermarket, enthusiastically welcoming each have the purchasing power of Chinese consumers.
    However, there are winners are losers, every dollar of the Chinese people can only take one more time. Foreign cheered, and loss of purchasing power has become a "thorn in the side" of the Chinese economy. Exactly how big is the charm of overseas shopping, make Chinese people spend money like water, in a foreign country back to domestic consolidation?
    1 foreign commodity prices low?
    In recent years, because the price of large disparities, rapid increase in Chinese citizens' overseas purchase, consumption abroad. Minister of commerce gao hucheng said analysis, the cause of the high price difference is, first and foremost, there is a higher tax rate, especially the consumption of certain goods, plus the high cost of circulation, link of domestic too much, the market still exist in logistics and management to reduce the cost of space. In addition, pricing policy and foreign brands in China.
    Global blue, the world's biggest drawback operators league has released the results of the study, according to Chinese tourists shopping duty-free shops all over the world last year rose nearly a third of duty-free shopping for 27% of the total amount ratio, the world's largest. Another survey data show that during the Spring Festival this year, hainan sanya haitang bay duty-free shopping center visits of tourists and business income of the year-on-year growth of 104.6% and 99.3% respectively, duty-free tourist shopping occupies the important position of hainan tourism consumption.
    Miss Chen said, such a crazy shopping at home and abroad is the main reason of the price difference is too big. She, for example, a tiger electric rice cooker, 23000 yuan in Japan, China to sell to the four yuan. And the same ninewest boots, sold $699 in Japan, in China to buy need to 1099 yuan; Snidel a blouse, sold in Japan around 800 yuan, in guangzhou tianhe city buy is 1500 yuan.
    However, relative to sea for most ordinary goods, abroad most of the absolute price of a commodity is much higher than China's. This is easy to understand, with the quality of the clothes, if excluding brand factors, domestic must sell cheap. Because the cost of production in China is far lower than abroad, will eventually show on commodity prices. But if the brand factors include, the foreign brand is affected by various factors, the relative price of the same products may be in a foreign country will be a little lower, so everyone's buy foreign products, more than buy foreign brand, brand, of course, is behind you on brand trust and satisfaction.
    2 overseas online shopping are foreign goods?
    People in Japan for the toilet cover once exposure, there are hangzhou this goods China has made according to manufacturer's instructions. Early americans abroad buy back "MadeinChina" product in has not news, actually this kind of situation make visitors encounter, because consumption in several countries around the world is not "made in China"?
    Now settled in Los Angeles, miss wu, "the people daily life use the proportion of products made in China, to my surprise, kitchen POTS and pans, wearing clothing shoes and hats, and all kinds of Christmas gifts, pick a" MadeinChina ".
    There used to be a veteran American journalist Sara wrote a book: "leave the made in China a year: the life of an American family adventures, this phenomenon is described in the book. 2004 in 39 Christmas gifts, she found that "made in China" has 25 pieces, at the same time, shoes, socks, toys, home desk lamp are all from China, so she tried to leave the made in China for a year, finally her life experience tells she is unable to leave the "made in China", in 2006 New Year's day mend fences with "made in China".
    Think about American life is full of made in China, we again why overseas online shopping? Overseas online shopping army said, "the same goods, quality standard system in the United States and China is different, although made in China, products exported to the United States the quality is good!"
    Many people also know many foreign goods are actually made in China, but also is only "manufacturing" part, design, production process, the regulation have has nothing to do with China, however, these factors is our keen overseas online shopping consumer real value. Specifically, such as an article of clothing, designed to be what appearance, what kind of fabric, security level, through several links of production, pricing, how is the concept of the foreign brands, and is made by the hand of the Chinese workers, still cannot deny its high quality. This is a senior overseas online shopping ideas about the foreign goods made in China. "So said buy made in China is nothing strange, you can still trust it."
    3 the goods are of good quality?
    Most people might think, even if made in China, because exports to follow the exporter of quality certification system, so is better than the domestic foreign goods. This view may seem reasonable, but the essence is still foreign the moon is round, is the overseas online shopping are collective illusion.
    "I was overseas online shopping adidas sport coats a in the United States, less than a month to the ball."
    "Overseas online shopping the CK down jacket, every wear out like a drill to nest, whole body is floating hair, looks like foreign products not all the standards are high."
    "I bought South Korea aloe vera gel, what a good propaganda effect. And the door in the supermarket to use aloe vera gel and no difference, but because it is brand goods prices are three times more expensive."
    Words determined by the quality standards of product quality, this is no longer a manufacturing problem, but the products regulatory problems. Think of China's vast army of manufacture, supply of people all over the world everyday items, but why our people in China can't buy high quality goods? Is that we make not to come out? Manufacture the goods not to come out must have, like prime minister li keqiang mentioned high-end ball-point pen "nib". But most of the overseas online shopping consumer goods can be made in China. According to "than consulting" in April 2015 overseas online shopping users against buying behavior survey, clothing shoes and hats are favorite overseas online shopping goods, young men and women of ratio of over 50%, which is made in China contribute to the global.
    Why not in China the problem is that people buy? For a long time, in the Chinese market, inferior goods more competitive. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, due to our production capacity is limited, to expand production to meet supply is the first priority, not the pursuit of quality standards. With market system gradually improve, in view of the quality problems emerge in endlessly, quality standard system is gradually established, but even if the strict standards set out, execution, supervision is not strict, a large number of low-quality products still flooding the market.
    It's like a bad money out good money, as manufacturers, production of high quality goods will only increase costs, and sales are not necessarily can improve, it is better to "shanzhai" to make money. And as consumers, are struggling to buy goods of high quality, confidence will disappear after again and again to be deceived by fake and shoddy products, helpless walk the road of Shanghai tao.
    4 do good supply end?
    : people love shopping abroad, thanks to domestic supply end goods, now has not completely meet the demand. Economic development, living improved, people's consumption demand from the previous "eat satisfied, wear warm," into "eat satisfied to eat well, wear warm to wear beautiful". So, if high quality products with the market demand, and let no one responding to natural selection, welcome to vigorously develop, formed a high level of effective supply.
    "Supply side" is to through the reform, the industry to inventory "glut" industry, the industry industry in the "supply" to enlarge effective supply. Informally, is to eliminate backward production capacity, industry, products, cultivate the competitiveness of industry in the market, products. From this point of view, reform of the "supply side" to meet the diverse, upgrade, consumer demand, do have very strong realistic pertinence.
    Looked into the cause of the Chinese "big but not strong", is undoubtedly an important quality. Product quality depends on three levels, one is the technical level, 2 it is the attitude of the producers, three is the social value orientation behind the two. To a large extent, the three level determines the capability of the products, durable, beautiful or not or not, is decided the product development to customer demand as the guide, is keep improving product manufacturing, sales and service on is honesty or vicious competition.
    In recent years, although most of domestic brands have started to pay attention to brand construction, the quality has greatly improved, but some merchant's false advertising, counterfeit goods, consumer fraud behavior, such as part of the industry product has trust crisis, this all affect the domestic consumption environment. At home, consumers' rights and interests is damaged, the cost of rights is obviously higher. Therefore, often can make the consumers to give up the rights, supervision of the domestic products in general.
    Source: the shaanxi daily

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