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    Open arms to change, eight major trend of development of the apparel industry in 2016

    In 2016 for China's economy, is destined to be not calm for a year. Open years, from the volatility of the stock market to the Chinese government "short" warning to the world, all signal in 2016 and future years, is the key to China's economic "upgrade shift", is full of challenges and turbulence. In the face of challenge, reform is the only way out. For the apparel industry as China's economy a molecule, as well. See the opportunities from the challenges, in the spirit of optimism and adhere to the transformation and upgrading of rational thinking, open arms to change, the industries and enterprises bigger and stronger, is China's garment industry and clothing operators should take up the era of responsibility.
    Trend: the acceleration of diversification, clothing enterprises face a "big" change
    As apparel industry and capital more closely, and the new further deepening economic integration degree, and the speeding up of consumption upgrade, garment industry will be not just a simple traditional manufacturing industry, the garment enterprises not only sell tangible goods, garment industry will present a more intangible space, becoming the integration management, design, manufacturing, retail, culture, fashion, science, technology and other factors of industry "big fashion and consumption".
    In the process of this kind of fusion, clothing industry of industry consolidation, acquisition, cross-border process will be more and more frequent. In 2016, this will further accelerate the integration process, diversified investment further speed up the pace. On January 26, mendale home textile announced plans for 20 million yuan investment wedding hall in Beijing culture communication co., LTD., developing the company's business in wedding market. On January 12, send announcement on Saturday, according to the proposed company name "foshan Saturday shoe industry co., LTD." changed to "Saturday co., LTD.". Company said it would gradually build diversified brand operation, integration of online resources "her fashion ecosystem". Public announcement, home textile, since December 21, 2015, Chinese securities company referred to as the "luo lai home textile" changed to "luo lai life". , home textile, according to the company's main business from home textile products expanded to cover home textile, furniture, kitchen utensils and appliances, sanitary ware, daily life of the related fields.
    In the present A stock market, the diversification of clothing enterprises frequent investment action part can be considered as "story telling" means the market value of management. But there is no denying the fact that in micro and macro policy driven market factors, industry integration and upgrade of China's economy is accelerating in the process, and clothing companies are enveloped them.
    Trend 2: channels to accelerate the consolidation, online near further
    In 2016, is a trend in the Internet's rapid economic development at the same time, offline in the process of the real economy is in transition to adjust to show the advantages and charm. The latest trend shows that began to have the number of online brand going offline, seek to develop in line. At the end of last year, ali department Yintai, according to the business support ali online brand floor Yintai stores, the first sign of tao brand including Yin mann, aqua, David Bella, seven division division, ina knight and didi, etc. In early 2016, wormwood, shout out to open the slogan of 1 m entity shop in the future. Korean clothing s previously announced and pathfinder cooperation, joint venture set up children's clothing business. And around the world, like Nasty Gal, ModCloth, Warby Parker and Bonobos these pure electric goods brand began to open stores.
    Online to offline brand at the same time, offline brand acceleration is also increasing its own Internet genes, traditional brand and electrical goods brand. The beginning of last year la chapelle brand seven space space, search the Internet to spend 200 million yuan investment in 324 million yuan capital injection with wormwood, and initial language HuiMei tao brand clothing, nine animal husbandry the king announced in August to a $12 million stake in Korea are clothing, announced in September again with 60 million yuan capital and Korea all dress up; Bono also announced in custom brand Jim brothers has a 35% stake in the Internet. And so on.
    With further integration online channels, future garment industry is likely to present the following characteristics: one is the clothing enterprise will generally will use multi-brand development pattern, increase product matrix, the transition to the platform; Second, in the aspect of terminal channels, stores will show the upgraded new advantages, the fusion of Internet resources and new technologies, more humanized and more experience shopping scene; 3 it is to pay attention to the optimization and transformation of the supply chain, build a more flexible, more efficient, to adapt to the flexible supply chain of multiple channels, support the powerful supply chain as a background, deal with terminal channel change and competition. Improve the efficiency of the design, manufacturing, logistics, to realize the rapid production of small orders, intelligent manufacturing, C2B customization production mode is more popular. Four is in the brand marketing, will adapt to the rapid development trend of mobile Internet, with more mobile social nature, decentralization, and even the be fond of of fans and feedback to launch and cut brand as an important measure.
    Trend 3: accelerated the overseas mergers and acquisitions, clothing enterprises build global brands
    Song force, after last year's successful acquisition of a European brand Laurel, power is a year to buy an international luxury fashion brand. On January 29, 2016, song force announcement, proposed to cost 240.5 million yuan to buy Hong Kong donley international holdings co., LTD. 65% stake. Donley international has the light of international luxury fashion brand Ed Hardy in mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of the ownership of the brand, and Ed Hardy Skinwear and Baby Hardy brand, such as its main products are american-style light luxury fashion brand Ed Hardy men's and women's clothing and related apparel.
    On January 24, 2016, according to bloomberg news, China's textile and garment enterprises in shandong ruyi joined in the light of the French luxury fashion group of SMCP bidding, the price is expected to more than $1 billion. This is not the first time that the shandong ruyi big acquisitions overseas clothing brand. In 2010, shandong ruyi's acquisition of Japan's leading garment enterprises RENOWN, RENOWN was Japan's largest apparel brand operators. Shandong ruyi for about 4 billion yen (RMB 310 million) acquisition of a 41% stake in RENOWN around, became the first big shareholder.
    Now, as China's economy to further strengthen global influence, China's enterprises to further accelerate the pace of cross-border m&a, Chinese clothing enterprises are facing unprecedented levels of global m&a opportunities. Card slave di road in June, announcing the acquisition of Italian fashion sports brand Dirk Bikkembergs 51% stake, the purchase price of 40.68 million euros.
    In the process of overseas m&a, the domestic garment enterprises will learn international operating experience and experience in overseas m&a, produce mature fashion industry international mergers and acquisitions funds, m&a purpose from domestic market to give priority to become a truly international operations, confident from the capital level of foreign qualifications excellent into "bankruptcy" fashion enterprise merger, acquisition and reorganization, grow into a global multinational fashion brands group. The day will come, ambitious garment enterprises should be prepared.
    Trend 4: economic integration deepening, clothing enterprise integration into the global industrial chain
    In 2015 the world economy is an obvious trend, all countries in the rapid advance regional economic cooperation. On October 5, 2015, the TPP (trans-pacific partnership) 12 countries negotiations in the United States reached a basic agreement on ministerial meeting held in Atlanta, Georgia, agreed to free trade, and the specification of the unity of a wide range of investment and intellectual property rights. On November 12, shinzo Abe, Japan's prime minister, held in Tokyo of Japan and China entrepreneurs communication meeting, said Japan intends to accelerate China, Japan and South Korea free trade agreement (FTA) and east Asian regional comprehensive economic partnership (RCEP) negotiation process, emphasizes the hope to play a leading role between the two countries, and conclude a comprehensive and high level of the FTA.
    Is underway at the same time, countries vigorously promote "area" strategy, with the process of regional economic cooperation further speeding up, the textile and clothing industry will face greater space for development and challenges. Textile and garment enterprises have movement, jian sheng group on October 15, 2015, sending two announcements, plans to invest in Vietnam "the TPP agreement". Jian sheng group said, combined with recent international economic and trade development of the situation and decided to increase investment and speed up progress of investment in Vietnam. In addition to jian sheng group, waffer color spinning, lutai A, BaiLong spinning clothing companies such as Oriental are also intensify investment in southeast Asia. Youngor in June 2015 and signed a strategic cooperation agreement, citic shares one of cooperation is the two sides will according to the national strategy of "area" all the way walk out, to participate in the international market exploration and development.
    Can be expected in 2016, the textile and garment enterprises international cooperation, integration will become the norm, Chinese clothing market will become a global market, more closely involved in the composition of the global industrial chain.
    Trend 5: overweight popular industry, garment enterprises to keep up with the demand of The Times
    Sports is becoming a big industry, and it is an integration of industry globalization. Alibaba, tencent, wanda these giants have been aggressively layout sports industry on a global scale. In clothing enterprises, noble bird heavily overweight, sports industry in 2015, successively in tiger jump sports brokerage firm, a stake in Spanish football BOY, and the general union TiXie signed a cooperation framework agreement, the sports industry fund was established with the tiger jump sports action, passing the preparation in all aspects of the sports industry layout strategy. In addition to the sportswear company, other clothing company years of some action is much related with sports. Aokang sports brand, cage reached a strategic cooperation with the United States into the shoes clothing market, claims that over the next five years, cage open 1000 domestic stores within; Card slave di road in June announced the acquisition of Italian fashion sports brand Dirk Bikkembergs, plans to cut into the football industry.
    In addition to the sports industry, children's clothing heat. Children's clothing business, as one of the main business of semir clothing continue to overweight children's clothing market, at the end of August 2015 announcement investment 20 million yuan, together with the company some employees to set up the Shanghai marca children's clothing co., LTD. In 2015 the first loss performance of the first half of the Smith barney costume in overweight children's clothing business, also called the children's clothing business growth quickly, to leave thousands of children's clothing shop. And 361 degrees, li ning, xtep, anta sports brands into children's clothing market, shares lancy, septwolves men's brand power is also continued to children's clothing business, every clothing brand seems to want from scooped up a children's clothing market.
    Sports and children's wear in clothing industry hot industry investment, is behind the public consumption upgrade, the country's economic transformation and national top policy guidance. As China's economic development model to the service consumption pattern transformation, to middle income levels as the main mass consumers to become important force push clothing segment change of industry life cycle. "Running economy" to drive the recovery growth of sports brand performance; Adults have children's clothes market layout, "comprehensive two foetuses" policy of the ground to further boost the role; And jian sheng group, hui jie group, such as city beauty close-fitting clothing performance has a relatively good growth, show close-fitting clothing market is in a stage of rapid growth, this upgrade is behind the consumption after the public pay more attention to the embodiment of the inner quality of life. The latest news, jiangle group plans to focus expand sale in domestic market, in 2016 set up shop three years 500, sells socks, underwear, pants, leisure wear close-fitting clothing, etc.
    Trend 6: capital market expansion, more high quality clothing enterprise land capital market
    In 2016, as the registration system of footsteps approaching, acceleration of the construction of the multi-level capital market, the increase of the proportion of direct financing and the capital market of the rapid expansion of the scale and the development of the capital market reform, clothing enterprises are facing industrial and capital together to promote strategic issue. Held on December 23, 2015, state council executive meeting, put forward the measures to further improve the proportion of direct financing, increase the economic efficiency of financial services entity. To perfect the multi-level capital market such as stock, bond; Establish strategic emerging board, the Shanghai stock exchange to support innovative undertaking enterprise financing; To perfect the relevant legal rules, promote the special equity structure type of venture enterprises in the domestic market; To increase the number of the small and medium-sized enterprise listed company stock transfer system, turn the gem board study launching; Standardize and develop the regional equity markets.
    Can be expected in 2016 will be a direct financing capital market greatly speed up the pace of a year. Main board, the small and medium-sized panels, the gem, the new three board, four board (regional) equity market, shares the raise, the bond market and so on various market will have a new action. In A market, according to China still collect statistics, by the end of November 2015, A total of 15 clothing enterprises listed on the line. Days in guangzhou and fashion footwear co., LTD., is scheduled for February 1, 2016 new shares subscription, garment industry before the Spring Festival and more add a listed enterprise.
    If no big problem, in today's registered rapid advance and trend of the multi-level capital market established, this more than a dozen clothing enterprises will be in the capital market, thus became a public company, through market management and capital operation to promote enterprise development further, accept the baptism selection of the capital market and the choice of public investors judge, the equivalent of "rite" in the process of garment enterprises to grow. And experience "rite" in the future will be far more than this more than a dozen clothing enterprises.
    Trend 7: enter with melting time, financial capital and industrial capital collide each other
    Shenzhen listed company cosette letty, announced on January 5, 2016, chairman of named "and set up the full trust of the final control Koradior Investments Limited has been completed to the wholly owned subsidiary Fosun Fosun Ruizhe group sold 25.8 million shares, equivalent to 5.14% of the group total equity. Cosette letty says, fosun international strategic investors, as a company will use its investment network and capital strength, with the help of a company's existing marketing network and operation platform, in the depth of the fashion industry to explore a variety of possible cooperation.
    This is garment industry capital and financial capital combination collision is the latest example. On October 20, 2015, CITIC Capital holdings co., LTD., announced that its Japanese private equity department at CITIC Capital Partners, Japan (CCP) to complete the bid for a Japanese Akakura footwear company. Citic capital, according to the statement by Akakura is engaged in the women's shoes design and retail of Japanese companies, in Japan there are 60 retail outlets throughout the country. Citic capital will assist in Akakura to expand the Chinese market, attract the rising middle class consumers, grasp the opportunities brought about by the travel to Japan continues to grow, and strengthen Akakura supply chain management. In May 2015, citic capital acquired another Japanese women clothing company MARK STYLER. This is the second 2015 citic capital to buy Japanese clothing brands, and are all women's clothing brand.
    Financial capital favor women's clothing brand, took a fancy to the development of women's clothing industry is undoubtedly the potential. This also from a side reaction of financial capital will become the important power to promote the development of Chinese economy, clothing industry will enter with melting time. With melting, generally in two stages, one is by the production and harmony, and 2015 a few years ago, many clothing companies involved in the financial sector, the construction bank, involved in the supply chain financial sectors such as finance, peer-to-peer (P2P); Further, will be "by integrating and industry", the financial capital will take the initiative to seek capital and clothing industry, from industry to the financial, from finance to industry, to promote the integration of apparel industry change, reversed transmission clothing industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, and will become a big trend in the development of garment industry.
    Trend of eight: supply side reform, clothing enterprises facing policy dividend window
    In 2015, in China's economic development into the new normal, enter under the background of rapid growth stage, the dense released a number of industrial policy guidance, developing China's economic growth potential, to promote the structural adjustment of China's economic transformation. The industrial policy also gives direction of garment industry transformation and upgrading more path and choose.
    , for example, the state council issued the about actively play a role of new consumption lead to speed up the cultivation form new supply new guidelines "(hereinafter referred to as" guidelines "), a comprehensive deployment of consumption upgrade leading the industrial upgrading, system innovation, technology innovation, product innovation are added to the new supply, create new consumption, the formation of momentum. For garment industry, the "guidance" made clear that the new consumption mainly includes service consumption, information consumption, green consumption, fashion, quality, consumption and rural consumption and so on six big key consumer content, including fashion consumption directly and clothing industry, garment industry in the heart of the transformation and upgrading process with more "fashion", "consumer" properties.
    The quality and service consumption its specific content aside, more a kind of guidance role, essentially tip clothing enterprises in the manufacturing side more personalized products, higher quality on the sales side more provide a higher level of service and experience. "New consumption" content to the apparel industry transformation and upgrading to provide an overall direction. In sports, culture, tourism, cross-border service economy industry sectors such as electricity, countries also significantly intensify the policy release.
    Overall, the release of a new consumption, the new economic policy intensive, are China's economic reform of the "supply side" requirements of a specific embodiment. What is a supply side reforms? In simple terms, is not always staring at the demand side, and more from the supply end to, improve efficiency, mining potential, and create more effective demand on the supply side. Now, in turn, mean, supply-side problems also more embodied in excess capacity, cost is too high, factors of production to improve production efficiency. Garment enterprises face in the transformation and upgrading can be said to be unprecedented dividend policies, but also means the clothing enterprise faces more challenges and higher requirements, dissolve excess capacity corresponding high inventories and homogeneity problem, improve the efficiency of supply chain and production management. This is 2016 clothing enterprises need to seriously face in the process of operating a project, it related to the effects of clothing enterprise transformation and even the survival of enterprises.

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