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    Intelligence is only the knitting industry development
    The emergence of the mobile phone changed people's communication, the emergence of taobao changed people's way of shopping, drops in the taxi has changed the way people travel. The rapid development of the Internet changed people's way of life, also, has also changed the knitting enterprise production and management as well as the profit model. China as a manufacturing power, the cost advantage is being weakened, "Internet +" and "made in China 2025" strategy paper publishing, is our country the government about the next stage of industrial development, important guiding the direction of the economic and social transformation, its core is to use modern information technology especially the Internet, the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and manufacturing integration, transformation and upgrading to bring new opportunities for knitting industry. However the knitting industrial intelligent application overall situation? What are the problems? How to seize the new "Internet +" opportunities?
    At the recent "knitting technology" of the Internet era as the theme of "2015 national knitting technology exchange meeting" on, gehrke chief expert, the China textile engineering society of "twelfth five-year" period this paper analyzes the change of the knitting industry in China. Can be seen from the export data in recent years, our country basic remain stable, knitting products total profits rose, obvious changes in product structure; Industry layout depth adjustment, transfer capacity to the eastern and western areas in China and southeast Asia countries; Certain achievements on energy conservation and emissions reduction, the unit water consumption and energy consumption has fallen dramatically. Knitting industry production use of the domestic equipment of intelligent greatly reduces the amount of labor. Knitting industry investment, meanwhile, also into broader areas, such as shoes, seamless underwear, wind power, etc. With the improvement of popularity of e-commerce, enterprise management mode is also changing.
    "1997 Toyota a exhibition on display in Osaka automatic spinning system, but after years of its equipment application is still limited, it's not that technology is not crack, but due to the high cost of equipment applications, the development of information technology at that time is not enough to support automatic spinning system widespread application", this is China's textile machinery association, the chief engineer xian-min zhu is one example. Xian-min zhu believes that the knitting enterprise market environment facing the complex and huge amounts of data information, increasingly personalized customer demand, use of the Internet, big data and cloud computing information technology reform of industrial system, to build an intelligent industrial system and structure, is the only way to adapt to the future market competition, but the enterprise must according to oneself circumstance to choose the appropriate information technology and intelligent equipment.
    China knitting industry association, vice President of Lin Guangxing said, intelligent building factory is the important direction of industry development, the fusion of mechanical and electronic technology progress promoted the knitting technology and equipment, intelligent will bring greater ascension to industry. Lin Guangxing believes that the development of knitting industry in three stages: the first is digital, information such as production, product digital transformation, facilitate the collection, storage, processing, distribution, this stage of our country has been completed. Followed by the network, the network links in production and sales, information sharing, strengthening industry interaction. Finally, the intelligence, the use of the Internet of things, big data, to realize the remote control, improve efficiency, reduce labor. In Lin Guangxing point of view, the development of informatization in our country from junior to senior, the software development lag, research and development integration deficiencies, lack of misunderstanding exists, resource sharing, information symmetry, not comprehensive analysis of materials, industry promote intelligent is a new subject, has obtained the successful experience of a few big companies, but most of the enterprise is in a stage of topical application.
    Knitting, director of the professional committee, the China textile engineering society, jiangnan university professor jiang gaoming thinks, at present the knitting industry faces several challenges, first of all, traditional knitting production technology is difficult to support large data processing, and second how huge amounts of data can be converted to provide the effective service to clients, it is to realize the intelligent production, construction of intelligent factory bottleneck of reality. Along with our country industrialization and the advancement of the two the fusion process in our country knitting enterprises must actively explore construction knitting product demonstration line, realize the production, storage and Internet integration of electronic commerce, realize the transformation and upgrading of the knitting industry chain and sustainable development.
    Gaoming jiang said that in terms of improving quality, the current international market demand atrophy, increasingly strict safety and quality of export products, knitting enterprises must speed up the popularization and application in real time monitoring technique, to fully monitor the whole production process. Reduce costs, knitting enterprise labor wages growth rate faster, has reached about 15%, enterprise informationization means, strengthen the labor post site management and staff performance appraisal, by improving the management efficiency to reduce the manpower and management cost, performance management, and other functions to get great concern of the MES. Energy conservation and emissions reduction, energy conservation and emissions reduction is hard and fast rules to the policy of our country, also has internal pressure of competition, knitting industry promoting resource-conserving and environment-friendly society construction process of speeding up, the demand for enterprise environmental pollution is becoming more and more strict. Construction of the Internet of things is knitting enterprises achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, one way to reduce costs. At present there are more than 100 domestic 100 knitting equipment without networking, backward production mode. Is expected by the end of this year, China's Internet industry market scale will reach 750 billion yuan, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" late scale will reach one trillion yuan.

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