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    Zaozhuang KuangTai knitting garments co., LTD
    Address: YiCheng of zaozhuang economic development zone
    General manager: 13666321128 (Jing Shou long)
    Manager: 13361117916 (Han)

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       Intelligence is only the knitting industry development
       Caught "neighbourhood" strategic opportunities Vigorously promote the international textile industry
       Open arms to change, eight major trend of development of the apparel industry in 2016
       The supply side of the people around reform: why crazy shopping abroad
       The day of americans to buy cheap clothes or gone forever
       But also for the Vietnam FangQi, business is becoming increasingly difficult, admit that China still
       Our country textile clothing export structural decline throughout the year
       Ecological and environmental protection textiles certification yan
       Garment industry consumption upgrading Product demand outside of infinite variety
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